Aerial Photography Services

We fly above and beyond drone limitations…we travel everywhere.

  • Custom Camera Packages
  • Long Term Non Motorized Flight
  • FAA-legal everywhere
  • Silent Safe Operations
  • Day/Night Flights 
  • Beyond Helicopters/Drones

Our BLIMPCAMSystem™ safely produces highly accurate viewshed (AKA: what you see from a specified place) images from very low altitude and close-range perspectives beyond helicopter and drone capabilities in dense urban areas. When safety and discretion makes a difference to sensitive neighborhood issues our totally silent system operates routinely; even when launched from building roofs. Our images are the see-it-to-believe-it proof needed for those critical steps of development so important during the preconstruction phase of high-rise and skyscraper projects. Like peaking investors interest….

Our aerial photography cameras include proprietary large format panoramic film for grand format prints and multi-cam DSLR systems.  Our flight times are measured in hours.

Our tethered non motorized system is commercially insured and FAA-legal for urban areas nationwide up to 1000 feet AGL. The FAA regulations we follow have been unchanged for decades and are completely different from those that now impose up to $10,000 a day fines for commercial drones (FAA 2006 grounding ).

Unlike typical photography our viewshed photo documentation is from a specific identified aerial position not simply a photo of a place. With the coordination from XYZ position our value-added images have many applications. Applications include engineering/design issues, marketing, branding, advertising, 2D/3D animations, permits/approvals/waivers, unit pricing by viewshed  and view corridor analysis.

Max imaging options include prints up to 13 x 45 ft. using 3.2 gigabyte files and 58427 x 18723 pixels @ 130 dpi with a 150° x 40° field of view without using the exaggeration of wide angle lenses.  A true human perspective.

   See our Day in the Life story about The Drake  aka 432 Park project, a (1365′) tower currently under construction in New York City and our 46 floor VIEWSHED DEMO of The Austonian, the tallest (683′) residential tower west of the Mississippi.


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